Zhen Wu Training Camp

Established by Mike Martello in 2007, the Zhen Wu Martial Arts Training Camp offers regularly the opportunity for Martial Art lovers from all over the world to deepen their knowledge, exchange ideas and  to improve their skills through intensive training.

The idea of the Zhen Wu Training Camp

The goal is in addition to the personal progress of the participants, especially the development, preservation and cultivation of traditional Chinese martial arts.

The teachers offer different Kung Fu styles at the highest level. Whether Taiji, Tong Bei, Shuai Jiao, Bagua or other styles, the Zhen Wu Training Camp is not primarily about learning a specific style, but for the discovery of the characteristic of the Chinese Martial Arts principles and methods. In addition to the intensive training experience the Zhen Wu Training Camp allows its participants also compensation in the form of recreational activities. Besides lectures and workshops on Chinese medicine and culture, the Zhen Wu Training Camp offers the opportunity for sightseeing and culture exploration.

The first Zhen Wu Training Camp

To share his beloved art with a greater public, in 2007 Mike Martello together with his good friend Master Zhang Xinbin organized the 1st International Martial Arts Training Camp in Beijing, China. Teachers from around China welcomed students from all over the world under the guidance of Mike Martello. The camp was a great success and was repeated in 2008 in China and Belgium as well.

Previously all Zhen Wu Training Camp took place at special locations. This allowed the participants to visit alongside Beijing European cities such as Antwerp, Prague, Porto and Berlin.

To get more informations about the next camp please visit the webpage of the camp.

Zhen Wu Training Camp

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