Wang Chieh Laoshi

Founder of AMAR

Mr. Wang Chieh is the founder of Academy of Martial Arts Restoration (AMAR), Taipei. Mr. Wang Chieh was born at Hunan province, China, in 1927. Mr. Wang Chieh is a man of determination, and is light with fame and fortune. With a family lineage of Yue style San Shou, after his migration to Taiwan from China, Mr. Wang still keep on with his practice. Mr. Wang Chieh learned Yang style Tai Chi push hands from Mr. Hsu Tzen Shen and Eight Step Praying Mantis from Grandmaster Wei Hsiao Tang.

Practicing with diligence

Mr. Wang Chieh keeps practicing with diligence throughout the years on daily basis, and had mastered Tai Chi push hands, Eight Step Praying Mantis applications , and Yue style San Shou wrestling into oneness, attaining “a mindless state, whereas his mind is where opponent moves”, a state where “no form conquers all forms”.

When touch hands with Mr. Wang Chieh, quality of his energy manifests freely in metamorphism. It may be torrential, or as if the recess of a riptide, or stillness in tranquility, or as hard as iron, or total emptiness. Mr. Wang’s momentum mechanism is top notch. He is one of the very few contemporary TCMA master that retains the true essence of Chinese martial arts, either as a martial artist or as a person, both internally and externally.

Mr. Wang Chieh passed away on the 25th of February 2012 leaving behind many inspired students and Martial Artists who will remember his teachings.

Wang Chieh (left)

Wang Chieh laoshi (left)

Wang Chieh shows application

Wang Chieh demonstrates an application

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