Official Statement

Dear all,

We have decided to make some organizational changes with our Zhen Wu schools in Europe. As of 2012 our schools in China, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic will no longer be officially affiliated with the Taiwanese Zhen Wu organization. This was merely to address structural changes in our association. We are developing in a different direction and do not want you to feel affected by this or try to influence how to manage your organization or teachings. Officially and legally established in Europe by Michael Martello as Zhen Wu vzw in 2008, we have grown a great deal in the past years and now Zhen Wu is recognized as an established group of schools specializing in teaching traditional Chinese Martial Arts. To this effect, we have only changed the Chinese characters of “Zhen Wu” to 真武 under the suggestion of Master Zhang Xin Bin. The 真武 name is also linked to Wan Laisheng’s book. Master Li JianLong of Zhen Wu Holland and Belgium is a senior disciple of Wan Laisheng.

This change in Chinese characters is to make it clear that we are a separate entity, operating independently of Taiwan Zhen Wu. We will continue to support Zhen Wu Taiwan and recommend students to go there for studies. We will continue to honour Wang Laoshis teachings and legacy, and we will continue to propagate Mike Martello Laoshi’ s teachings and vision.

Here is an official statement from Zhang Laoshi:
比利时振武是麦可老师根据王杰老师的意愿创办的,在麦可老师的努力下,比利时振武得到了很大的发展,并于2007年开始于我们合作举办北京传统武术夏令营,同时邀请王杰老师参加并进行教学。王老师非常高兴的赞赏我们的工作,并希望我们武术宣传推广工作进行下去。随着麦可老师和王老师的相继去世后 比利时振武和德国,捷克, 荷兰武馆对于教学内容进行了一些调整,以便把麦可和王老师的传播中华传统武术在欧洲发展的意愿继续下去。为了比利时, 荷兰,德国和捷克武术馆的发展,经研究决定 更名为真武学院,并愿意一如既往的与台湾振武和其他武术馆合作,继承王老师和麦可的遗愿,把传承中华传统武术的事业进行到

(translation: Belgian Zhen Wu was founded by Michael Martello with the support and approval of his teacher Wang Chieh to honor his teacher’s efforts. Belgian Zhen Wu developed a great deal, and in 2007 organized in cooperation with Beijing masters our first traditional martial arts summer camp in Beijing. In 2007, we invited Wang Chieh Laoshi as a special guest as well as other students of his from Taiwan. Teacher Wang was very pleased with the collaboration and greatly appreciated our work; he encouraged us to keep promoting traditional Chinese martial arts. Following Michael Martello’s passing in 2009 and Wang Laoshi’s subsequent passing, we have worked non-stop to continue developing schools in Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic) with some modifications to teaching content. We continue to honor the legacies of Michael Martello and Grandmaster Wang Chieh and are committed to the continued development of Chinese traditional martial arts in Europe. To reflect the developing Zhen Wu philosophy (form = function), our European Zhen Wu schools (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic) will be using different Chinese characters in the name (now 真武 instead of the original 振武) to emphasize the traditional concept of the teachings. We look forward to continued collaborations with Taiwan Zhen Wu and other martial arts organizations, forever honoring Grandmaster Wang’s and Michael’s wishes, with never-ending commitment to the legacy Chinese traditional martial arts.)

With kind regards,
Kim Haukland

ZHEN WU INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS 真武/ Official Representatives

Zhen Wu China (Beijing) – Master Zhang XinBin, Master Yu ShaoYu, Master Sun RuXian
Zhen Wu Belgium (Antwerpen) – Micha Onzia & Master Li JianLong
Zhen Wu Holland (Rotterdam) – Master Li JianLong
Zhen Wu Germany (Osnabruck, Berlin, Hannover) – Jochen Wolfgramm
Zhen Wu Czech Republic (Prague) – Rosa Mei, Kim Haukland

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