Mike Martello Laoshi

Founder of Zhen Wu Belgium

Born 5th October 1966 in New York City, Mike Martello said about his childhood: „In the Town of New York you had to be tough and be able to defend yourself, especially as kid“. After years of training in several different sports and athletics he started the Martial Arts out of practical reasons. „It was first all about fighting, but Training really saved my Live more than once. It also teaches me Disciplin and Respect.“

20 Years later not only the practical aspects of the Martial Arts inspired Mike Martello but also the Beauty of the Art and the Cultural Subjects.

But it all started with boxing training with his father and than later on with Kung Fu at Teddy Wongs in New York. Later Mike Martello became student of master Su Yu-Chang, a Kung Fu Brother of the yet more known Adam Hsu, and learned different Mantis Styles (Tang Lang Quan) as well as Baji Quan, Bagua Zhang, Pigua Zhang, XingYi Quan, TaiJi Quan and Chinese Weapons. In this time Mike Martello became Co-Trainer at the WuTang Organization of Taiwan. 2001 he was appointed Wu Tang Director by the Wu Tang Organizaton, respective Ms Liu Yun-Chiao.

Mike Martello never stopped travelling to Taiwan to learn. His last Teacher, Mr Wang Chieh taught him Yue Jia Shou (Yue Family style), Ba Bu Tang Lang, Bai He Quan (White Crane), QinNa, Shuai Jiao (chinese Wrestling), TaiJi Quan and Push Hands.

International Martial Arts Camp

In 2007, Mike Martello organized the first International Martial Arts Camp in Beijing, China. Teachers from China welcomed students from all over the World under the guidance of Mike Martello. The Camp was a success and was repeated in 2008 in China and Belgium as well.

Mike Martellos last  residence was in Antwerp, Belgium where he taught students from all over Europe and even the states.

On June 2nd 2009 Mike Martello died suddenly due to a Heartattack.

Mike Martello and the Miao Dao

Mike Martello and the Miao Dao

Mike Martello show an application together with Jochen Wolfgramm

Mike Martello show an application together with Jochen Wolfgramm

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