Zhen Wu International

It’s not a style I teach. It’s a method.
Mike Martello *1966 – †2009

Zhen Wu literally translates authentic Chinese martial arts

Zhen Wu Martial Arts is an international organization with strong lineages and ties to generations of traditional Chinese martial arts masters. It is not about a particular style, but an approach to learning an artform. The main goal of Zhen Wu is to preserve and promote traditional Chinese martial arts. Our teachers specialize in a variety of styles: Preying Mantis Kung Fu, Tong Bei, Ba Gua, Hsing-Yi, Six Harmony style, Liu He Zi Ran Men, Tai Ji, Shuai Jiao, Qin Na and Qi Gong. It is our belief that regardless of style, at a high level of training, martial arts methodologies tend to converge.

Rooting, Intent and Precision

There is a strong emphasis on rooting techniques, applications, softness and subtlety in execution combined with intent and precision. Power is not generated from the limbs but rather the core and from a correct use of alignment and body mechanics. The approach is highly scientific and intricate, elegant in execution, brutal in battle.


Apart from the movement basis of the art, Zhen Wu also believes that martial arts involves a strong understanding of culture, the individual and communal sharing and responsibility. Regardless of age, we are all students of martial arts, hungry to learn and humble in our appraoch.  Zhen Wu believes in honoring the masters who have come before us, honoring them through diligent, daily practice of an artform.

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